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  The journals are very important media which contain much new know-ledge, and many research and analysis results. In addition, they are used for research reference.
           The Library of The Institute of Dermatology pro vides service and gives support to the policy of the Department of Medical Services library connection so The Library of The Institute of Dermatology designs the electronic database by downloading full journals and articles from the subscribed English journal in order to be the center medical information. Additionally, the personnel of the organization are able to use them conveniently, quickly, and effectively.

Library Work

          The Library of The Institute of Dermatology is under both the technology information and academic support group and academic affairs of The Institute of Dermatology, Department of Medical Services, Ministry of Public Health. It was founded on the fifth floor of The Institute of Dermatology in 1973 whose area is about 188 square meters. Furthermore, there are twenty-five seats in order to service the members. In addition, there are many kinds of books such as texts, general books, reference books, official document, journals, magazines, pamphlets, newspaper, and electronic journal database.
          The Library of The Institute of Dermatology, the specifically medical library, is responsible for providing the academic document, categorizing many books, disseminating both medical and nursing information about dermatology and other related medical fields such as pathology, mycology, bacteriology, and immunology, in order that the personnel use them for studying, researching, for curing the patients, training, and developing their qualities.

                                                                       Library Staff

Name: Miss Chirawan Arayan  
Position: Head Librarian  
Name: Miss Sirikanya Kampatee  
Position: Librarian  
Name: Miss Wilaiporn Amphun  
Position: General Service Officer  

Library Service
- Books reservation.
- Reference service.
- Finds the books.
- Interlibrary loan service.
Provides news board
- Finds information by using many electronic devices.
- Provides Internet service.
- Advises how to use the library.
- Advises how to find the information by using reference books.
- Advises about the academic librarianship.
Special services
- Purchases medical textbooks.
- Photocopies books.
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Institute of Dermatology 420/7 Rajvithi Road, Phayathai District, Rajthevee, Bangkok 10400, Thailand
Tel: (66) 0-2354-5222  Fax: (66) 0-2354-8042, (66) 0-2354-8046