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The hospital has 43 beds, one private room, one shared private room, and one deferential room (for the patients who infected with diseases easily, or have a low immune system.) Additionally, the hospital provides the patients who have a severe dermatosis so both the doctors and the nurses must take care of them closely, or the patient who are helpless.
The fee of the private room :
A single private room 700 baht / day
A Six-bed air conditioning single private shared room 450 baht / day
* * * Visiting Time 12.00 Am. – 08.00 P.m. everyday. * * *
Operative Department
The operative department provides cure and diagnosis service by surgery method such as the operative of the patients' dermatosis for micro pathology test, and diagnosis, the operative by using the electric cautery and Cryogen gun, chemical, and many kinds of laser depending on the semeiotic dermatosis.
Laser Center
The lacer center provides effective, academically correct, and medically standardized dermatosis cure service for people by using modern lacer which is able to solve dermatosis and skin problems, and by training and proficient lacer doctors.
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Institute of Dermatology 420/7 Rajvithi Road, Phayathai District, Rajthevee, Bangkok 10400, Thailand
Tel: (66) 0-2354-5222  Fax: (66) 0-2354-8042, (66) 0-2354-8046